Sunday, August 22, 2010

Um, What's a Blog?

So in the past few months, I've flown to Utah, taken the bar, flown back to DC, driven to Utah, moved into an apartment, and supported a husband in his first week of law review.  During that time, I've completely forgotten how to live my life.  Today I made crappy no-bakes.  I haven't cooked dinner in a week.  And I haven't blogged.  What kind of SAHM am I?

So here is a Summer update.  She's basically the cutest, sweetest, funnest (yes, that's a word), smartest, and all around bestest (also a word) little girl in the whole world.  We just adore her.  She says everything now, which makes communicating with Nathaniel difficult.  We have to spell words like outside and chalk and trailer (we got a bike trailer for her).  Her favorite things are trash, trucks, birds, dolls, and ice cream.  I had no idea a fifteen-month old girl could be so obsessed with trucks.  We put hers in her crib, along with all her stuffed animals, and I swear she just plays with it for half an hour before she wakes up.  And if she's in her carseat and can see trucks, she's happy.

Here are a few pictures.  Please don't make fun of her hair.  It's a sensitive subject for me.  I don't know what to do with it.  Any ideas would be appreciated.

My brother bought a drum set for his daughter and Summer had a go:

Summer really loves the bunny:

For the first time ever, Summer ran away from the camera rather than trying to grab it.  But it's okay.  She came back.

Yep, we're keeping her.