Friday, September 7, 2012

Right Now I'm Eating a Salad

I recently went to a doctor's appointment. This doctor does everything by computer and when he leaves, the computer screen stays on so you can see what sort of dirt they have on you: notes about the visit, blood pressure, prescriptions, etc. I glanced at the screen as I was leaving.

The word "overweight" in all caps and bold jumped out at me.

Ugh. You know what, BMI Index? I hate you. But fine, I'll lose a few.

I'm actually trying to do the Intuitive Eating thing and not care about my weight, but most of my clothes were made for someone twenty pounds lighter and I figure weight is a normal concern three months after you've given birth, right?

Anyway, the point of this post is not to complain about my weight but to rejoice in salad! I love salad. Yum yum yum. I'm actually glad that the BMI index is sort of shaming me into being more conscious about what I'm eating because otherwise I wouldn't be eating salad. Which is a shame because I make a very delicious salad.

Here's what I do. I take a bowl. I throw in something acidic, usually fresh lemon juice, but today it was rice vinegar. I add a little salt, a little pepper, I might chop up come garlic and throw it in there, I always add a little sugar to cut the acid (less sugar than a chocolate chip cookie, I figure), and herbs. And here is the special part: the last time I went to the store I found these amazing jars of freeze dried spices. It was a really exciting moment. I bought the parsley and the diced red onion, and they are perfect salad-dressing sizes. So I added those. Then I whisked in some olive oil that Berkeley brought home from Greece. Lots of it.

I put lots of spring mix and baby kale on my plate, added some leftover chicken, sliced up a cucumber over it, then salted the whole thing (I've heard that every element should be individually salted, so there's that). I sprinkled the dressing over the salad and I'll dumped on some more  olive oil because Nathaniel is reading this book about how we should all be eating more fat. Awesome, right?

I ate it all, trying to savor every bite but usually just shoveling it in. It was really good.

Anyway, I realize a picture would make this a lot better but I don't have a camera and let's face it, only people who love me read this blog and if you stop because of one (okay, two) lousy posts then, well, I guess I can live with that.

Do you want an update on our lives generally? It's like this: wake up, go to the gym, go home, take Nathaniel to the train station by 7:15, survive until 6:15 when I pick him up to the trains station, eat dinner, go to bed, repeat. So salad is a bright spot in my sorta tiring day.


Sunday, September 2, 2012


We went to the Brigham City Temple Open House. I planned to get a great picture of our little fam in our Sunday best with the temple in the background, but forgot. But hey, here we are on a bus. Note Henry's head in the Baby Bjorn:

Also, we are a two-swing family:

Yep, that's it.