Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Real Announcement

Except that it's probably not an announcement. Most people know that I'm pregnant anyway. So maybe this can be a blog post about another sort of announcement.

Announcement: I just puked and the first part of pregnancy really sucks and blogging while pregnant is no fun so here are a bunch of pictures from the past couple months:

These are all out of order so lo siento for that. We had a bit of a snow and Summer tried to make a snowman. No, you can't really see the snowman:

Hats from Sterling in the mission field (Nathaniel's brother):

Totally inappropriate post-thanksgiving behavior:

Out exploring rocks. This was such a fun little family outing:

 I wasn't feeling too great, so one night I had nothing to suggest for dinner. Summer took matters into her own hands and opened the fridge, grabbed a bag of carrots, and took it upstairs. We had ourselves a carrot party. Summer, ever the resourceful one, decided to put the remaining carrots to good use and became a snowgirl:

Helping dig:

How do you teach your kid to smile?

She was soooo good getting her nails painted!

Making friends with the BYU Cougar:

I feel completely confident saying Summer's favorite pastime is hanging:

Okay, maybe somersaults too:

Chilling in Mona:

Do we take too many pictures of Summer?

Lawnmower rides at the Halloween party:

Her chosen pumpkins:

Walking at some lakes around Mona:

This is actually just Summer hanging out at the park with Nathaniel. But I like it.

I don't know what this picture is.

Law school Halloween party:

Horseback riding:

No more horseback riding:

Oh, I guess that's the end. There you go. Pictures for the grandparents.

No, seriously, thanks to those who bugged me to blog because although I did not particularly enjoy doing it, I'm sure I'll be really glad later that I did it. Love you all. Muah.