Saturday, January 26, 2008


So I felt like this yesterday:
Not only did someone steal my book from my car, but I got my car stuck in a ditch. Fortunately, I opened one of my carrel drawers and I located by book that I was sure someone had stolen, and my husband backed my car out of the ditch without a problem. But fake problems can be just as frustrating as real problems, don't you agree?


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Nathaniel says...

I am not a pedophile who misses Ukraine. There's more to me than this but my wife for some reason doesn't want you to know who I really am.


Chron's Disease

I have Chron's disease. It's a chronic illness but rarely fatal, except in really old people. I am going to try to explain what it's like to have Chron's disease.

Usually, it's like this:
I really wish I had a picture of me jumping in the air and looking all happy, but this will do. Usually, I forget that I have Chron's disease and I lead a very normal life.

But sometimes, it just hurts. It's a pain that feels like popcorn is popping in my stomach. Sometimes it's not too bad, other times it kills and I can't do anything. Sometimes it lasts for ten seconds, sometimes for a few hours (not much longer because if it lasts for a few hours I usually take a pretty heavy-duty drug [steroids] to kill the pain).

Once, things went really wrong, and this happened:

Just kidding, that's my brother-in-law getting into his wife's stuff. This is what happened:

and this:

I look like death, I know. I feel so much better now. For the most part, better than I did before the surgery. But the scary thing about Chron's disease is that it doesn't go away. But, all I can do is to take care of myself and hope for the best.


So this is a blog...

When I came back to BYU from my mission at the beginning of 2006, a completely new word had entered everyone's vocabulary: blog. And here I am, just two and a half years later, starting one. I guess I should say we, because the only reason I'm doing this is because Nathaniel told me I should. I guess he wants to let his thousands of family members know what we're up to. The problem is that mid-semester, our lives are rather boring. There's school, work, school, dates on the weekend, school, trying to go snowboarding enough to get our money's worth out of our passes, school, and that's about it. But if anything exciting does happen, we'll write it here.