Thursday, June 18, 2009

I Am Amazing

A while ago I went to an American Heritage TA party with Nathaniel. As I was playing a game with Nathaniel and some of his TA buddies, I bested him with my amazing game-playing action and he started trash talking me. I don't remember the exact comment, but it included him calling me "woman." In a slightly non-respectful way. He turned heads. Many of the TA's looked in our direction with looks that said, "Are you going to let him talk to you that way?" The answer is yes, I let him talk to me that way. Nathaniel, on occasion, makes remarks that could be considered sexist, but I don't care. This blog entry will help elucidate the reason for that.

Yesterday, an amazing thing happened.

I did the laundry.

That's right. I did the laundry ALL BY MYSELF. It wasn't easy either. I gathered all the laundry, took it to the Wymount laundromat, figured out how to do the machine where you pay for it with your BYU ID card, then came back with Summer in tow and switched everything to the dryer. Later, I came back and got the laundry, took it home, and I even FOLDED it! Hurray for me!

Now, you might not think this is very impressive, but it really is. Nathaniel and I have been married for 21 months, and yesterday was my first time doing laundry. I think I should celebrate. Maybe with a cupcake.

So that's why it doesn't bug me when Nathaniel makes his ridiculous semi-sexist comments. Because he does all the laundry, all the vacuuming, more than his fair share of dishes, and probably half the diaper changes. And right now, Nathaniel just learned from a You Tube clip how to fold a fitted sheet and is really excited about it. Nothing in Nathaniel's actions or our interaction, aside from the occasional errant comment, suggests he is remotely sexist.

I do not take advantage of his enthusiasm for housework. I think. I think we share the work around here pretty evenly, and he has never complained. But I'm kind of scared for when he starts law school. I might have to step up a bit. Who knows, I might even have to figure out how our vacuum cleaner works.


Friday, June 5, 2009

A Miracle

I know you guys aren't going to believe this, but the most amazing thing happened last night. Not once did I check on Summer to make sure that she was still breathing, or that her swaddle blanket hadn't crawled up and covered her nose, or that someone had kidnapped her. That's right. When I woke up to her pterodactyl squeak, I listened to her grunt herself back to sleep and I just stayed in my bed and went to sleep. AND SHE'S STILL ALIVE! That's right. Here, as proof, is a picture of Summer, STILL BREATHING AND AT HOME, taken the next morning:

I am so grateful for a healthy baby and a good night's sleep.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Nathaniel as a Dad


Summer and S'mores

Before I served for a year and a half in Romania, I loved the fall and winter seasons. I loved the feeling of being bundled up and cozy, protected against the elements. That was until I spent way too much time outside in those elements and being cozy was not an option. My body craved warmth, and I think that it still does.

Now, summer is my favorite month [update: summer is actually a season]. (That' s not why my daughter is named Summer, though. Nathaniel suggested the name, and I have a great friend named Summer. That's why.) I love the hot days and cool nights, the carefree spirit that pervades Provo, the flip flops and shorts, the beaches and swimming pools, and especially the campfires. I'm not sure if it's technically summer yet, but we enjoyed our first campfire of the season last weekend and even if it's not really summer it definitely feels like it.

Amy and Paul, our cool law school buddies, invited us to Vivian Park for some brats and smores. It's a good thing, too, because otherwise, I don't know when I'd get out of this house besides going to Wal-Mart and the gym. I'm lame, I know. So thanks, Paul and Amy.

Summer and me:

Paul and Amy, who turned out to be quite the little pyro. Paul, on the other hand was rather chill.


Nathaniel was taking the pictures so we didn't get a shot of him. He did, luckily, get this awesome picture of what we ate.

And by the way, blogger is still lame.